A look back to the Morris and Essex dog show of 2010.

Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens

Once, long ago, the EFG people had a summer picnic at Blackpool Championship Show and everybody wore hats. In America Morris & Essex is a show held every five years and in honour of its great past many exhibitors relect this with their outfits or headgear. Glen of Imaal Terrier people do like to dress up!

All the photographs by David Seall

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Thinking about getting a Glen of Imaal Terrier? Check here first to see if the litter’s sire and dam have been health tested: http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/results.php?printable=results

There are currently 39 Glens in the database and four of them are owned by or were bred by Tipperary Farm.  All breeders are encouraged to have their dogs tested and the results recorded.  “CHIC” stands for the Canine Health Information Center.

Kerry Bog Ponies

Shell and Willow, Kerry Bog Ponies

Kerry Bogs are a small pony native to Ireland and Conty Kerry where they were traditionally used to bring dried peat in from the bogs. Small and sturdy they were well suited to the task. Here are two of the mares here at Tipperary Farm, Thornapple Farm Lady Bog Willow and Sheridans Wee Shell of the Marsh.

Tipper (CH Rainbow Springs Long Way to Tipperary RN) who is by Kafka and out of Hattie turns 10 years old today.  Tipper was my very first Glen and came from Peg Carty in Staunton, VA.  He was the 13th Glen to earn an AKC championship in May 2005 and he is the namesake of Tipperary Farm in McDonald, PA.  Tipper earned his RN (rally novice title) as a 6 year old (2007) and produced one litter of pups that same year.  He is a loving and sweet boy who had surgery for cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in March of this year but he has been doing well.  I cherish every day with him since the surgery since there is always a chance that it will return.  If he lived to be twenty years plus ten it would still not be long enough.